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    Michael Newman

    🙁 I have had this LP-16 for two days and I have yet to be able to load a song and hear it. I ‘ve tried to follow the guide but to no avail..
    Is there something that is done to the song before you can load and hear it? The guide .to say the least,is vague at best. Why not have a video tutorial showing each step of this process.. Help please. I have a pro studio and people come to me with midi files and thought this would be the perfect device for saving time and have things easier.
    Michael Newman

    Tom Sailor

    Are you using the uTool software?

    Michael Newman

    Yes i am, but i suppose i’m doing something wrong.
    If you can,walk me through the steps from beginning to end.
    I have midi files i would like to track and record in the studio.
    Thanks for any help you can give me…

    Mike Newman

    Tom Sailor

    Nice to speak with you today Mike…hope I clarified things for you.


    Hi can someone post the steps of HOW?? online please?
    Can not get this to work. 🙁
    I’ve updated the firmware, tried copying wav files to the ‘recordings’ folder on the usb drive, I can see them when I plug it into the LP, but it doesn’t play them.
    I’ve tried using the u-tool software but no go. I would love to use the usb drive and not have to go through the utool software if possible?

    Thanks. 😉


    Go to the settings, select your target device.
    Go to the export tab, select the “add new song”, browse your mono wav files on the left window, then drag and drop your mono files to the right window to the corresponding channels.
    (Set your mixer parameters in the top right corner icon.)
    Add song name for your project than click on the “save and close” button
    Now you can select the song in the left window, and select your USB storage device in the right window, than click on the export button.

    Manual method:
    Create a Recording folder on your HDD, create YOURSONGNAME subfolder, then put your wav files here, for the channel routing you have to use numbering prefix in the name of the files. Like this: 01_kick.wav, 02_snare.wav, 03_hh.wav)
    Please make note the Folder name Recording without “s”

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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