How to do “repeat all” for Multitrack sounds?

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    Stefan E.

    I have an art installation and need different sounds at different locations. I would like to use an LP-16 playing the sounds. From the connectors I then just need a cable to boxes at the location where I need this sound. Sounds like fireplace, wood, whispering, and so on.

    For this each sound should be played through an exact one of the output connectors. Of course I need a repeat function, because we cannot press a button every ten minutes or so.

    The documentation says I can choose a connector for each sound using the multi-track mode. I can choose “repeat all” in the stereo-mode. But I cannot combine those two features.

    I heard other people have used LP-16 for such installations. I wonder how they could overcome this missing feature.

    Mark van de Korput

    I’m also curious about this, for similar purposes. @Stefan E. did you manage to find a solution?

    Stefan E.

    Indeed I solved it! Or better Konstantin from the German music shop should get the credit for knowing.
    You need to create a Playlist. And change the modus in LP16. Then choose this playlist, not the one LP16 is picking automatically.
    (I don’t have the LP16 with me and don’t exactly recall what the setting was without seeing) But it is definitively working. It is working since weeks without any issue. We just switch the speakers on and off.

    Mark van de Korput

    Great, good to know at least it’s possible, thanks for sharing!

    Joris Blanckaert

    Dear Stefan,
    Can you please explain how it works? I’m working on a similar setup, and considering to purchase the LP-16, but want to be sure if it is possible to play 16 tracks of different length repeating endlessly.



    The LP-16 does support loop mode in multitrack mode but only in playlist mode.
    You need to create a playlist with your song(s), set no delay or wait for timer start mode for all your songs during the playlist creation.
    Load and start the playlist on your LP-16

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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