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    Marco Riva

    After having the same issue myself and not finding any clear explanation on how to maintain sync with the midi file for automation I thought I would post this for anyone else that is trying to have the LP-16 send midi commands that are in sync with the tracks.

    I did find one post indicating the bpm in your DAW be set to 120 when creating the midi file. That is incorrect; it need to be set to 100 BPM.

    So… The work flow might be something like this.
    You have a project in your DAW of choice and you will need to export the desired tracks as .wav files to create songs in the UTool software.

    Before doing so, either save that project as a copy and name it something like My Song Automation or create a new project with the exported .wav files. Whatever makes the most sense.

    In the new project, set the BPM to 100. That’s the important part.
    Then add your midi track to the project and place your midi events at the desired locations throughout the song.

    Export the midi track. This will be different in every DAW, for example in Sonar Platinum you just drag the midi track to a folder in the media view.

    I also make a folder called staging where there is a folder for each song and where I drop my audio and midi files. This makes it really easy to import into the UTool software.

    Following this, your midi file will be in sync with your audio!

    I’m using the LP-16 for backing tracks and changing presets and snapshots on a Line6 HX-Effects, channels on a Synergy SYN-2 and a Boss VE-100 for vocals. Soon I’ll be adding automated lights! So rad!


    I consider your post a bit confusing, why to set tempo of a project to 100bpm?
    Cubase situation:
    song is 120BPM, record all audio tracks at this tempo, create several midi tracks for what you want (lights control, guitar patch changes, audio digital mixer automation, mixing console channel mutes…) in this project (at 120BPM as well)
    1. export audio to wav files
    2. export all midi tracks into 1 MIDI file
    You need to set the same export range for audio as well as for midi tracks.
    That’s it.
    It work even when you have a variable tempo track enabled, no reason to set it to 100 bpm.

    Marco Riva

    Interesting, I certainly tried that as it’s how you would expect it to work but the midi would never be in sync with the audio. Apparently I’m not the only one to experience the midi and audio not syncing properly which is why I posted the solution. Perhaps Cubase is exporting something extra in the midi file? Believe me, I spent a lot of time trying as you suggested but no dice. Clearly there was a necessary reason to do this in my case. Regardless, it worked!

    Marco Riva

    Just to add, the issue is clearly how different DAWs export the midi file, not a fault of the LP-16. I suppose that why when people ran into the issue in the past the responses here were less than helpful…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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