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    Gianni Raschiatore

    I have sent my LP16 the store.
    I can not edit the songs in real time
    I do not have functions and rew ffw
    I can not adjust volumes in realtime
    I can not enable part mute on / off
    no MIDI sync output
    NO EDITOR FOR IPAD (we live in 2015 or in 1970?)
    I’m very sorry but I’ll take another player.
    the LP16 has been sold but not finished and we are of the beta testers.


    From which planet your are coming?:? :huh: :huh:
    No software product is every going to be perfect I assume, and as many companies outthese, the cymatics also can improve.
    However, these guys are responsive, listen to their users and when it comes to reliable playback and recording, these babies ROCK!
    In addition, LP-16 nor uTrack have EVER claimed being able to edit in real time, and asLP16 has no network connection how are you supposing to connect to your Ipad??!
    So either you sniffed too much of something bad, or you just have made an uneducated purchase for whatever you are doing? :unsure:
    Either way my friend, your statements do not make sense, nor are they correct.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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