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    Gerit Lamm

    Hi Cymatic Audio Team,

    I am experimenting with the new utool software for quite some time now. After finding out that I can import .wav files only via the export window (not really logical btw) I want to ask if there is a possibility to put a main folder with multiple subfolders via drag&drop into the uTool software? This would be really amazing but I am afraid it doesn´t work, right?
    I used to work with the playlist editor before, making playlists for the LP-16 which I use as a Live Playbackplayer on stage. Not the best and most stabile software but it did what it was supposed to do – making playlists in an easy and fast way. Also the import of the songs was pretty easy.
    My problem is now, if I want to work with uTool only and being able to get future updates I have to import everyhting again which in my case means about 120 folders with 6-12 single tracks each. Work I´d really like to not do step by step or folder by folder.
    One other thing is that it was really cool that the playlist editor was smart enough to recognize the numbers in the names of the tracks. If I namad a track “track08” for example it automatically was put onto track 8 in the editor and on the LP-16. Even if tracks 1-7 were empty or not existing in the original folder. In uTool it just puts the tracks as they come. Really sad and a step back in my opinion. Sorry to say that. I really, really hope that you guys find a way to make the uTool easier to understand and to work with. Your products are too amazing and exactely what I was waiting for. So the software should also be 😉
    Thanks for your time



    Unfortunately in the current version, the uTool project files are not compatible with the playlist editor files. For the uTool revision 1.0.1 we mostly worked on the stability issues and could not get this fix done. It is not possible to drag and drop folders to make uTool song projects in the current release. What we shall do however in the next release is to allow the user to import content from a drive or folder(s). This way your problem can be solved. The time frame for the next release should be within 2 months or earlier from now.
    You are also right about the numbering of wave files. We shall fix that too.

    Thanks for the time taken to report all the issues.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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