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    Please help me install the LP 16 Drivers…Just got it today/2/10/17
    Have I mac and using windows 7



    To install a driver on Windows PC you need to disconnect the USB drive from the front panel then start the driver installer. You will see a message on the screen to connect the device to your PC. If the installer does not detect the device you need to powercycle the LP-16.
    On mac you don’t need to install driver, the LP-16 should work out of the box.

    Artur Grochowski

    I’ve done everything strep by strep few times and my pc doesn’t recognise lp16 still.

    During installation, when the message appear I’m connecting device (USB at the front panel is empty). Installer recognise the device and keep running installing process, but at the same time my Windows 7 64bit show notice on the left, bottom corner of the screen that Windows couldn’t install the lp 16 driver. But installer is running still. Then Windows show massage at the middle of the screen that system doesn’t recognise some certificate but is asking do I wanna install the driver anyway. After choosing “Yes” the installer finishing all process successfully. Then my system show last message: “This version of Windows requires all drivers to have a valid digital signature”. After that I can open small icon with mixer but it doesn’t see lp16. Firmware update tool doesn’t recognize any device as well.


    Hi Arturgrochowski,

    Early this year, Windows changed the way they sign and verify drivers. From March 2017, Windows enforces using SHA256 based signatures (instead of SHA128) . Due to this change, we also signed our drivers from Microsoft with SHA-256.

    Some versions of Windows 7/8 had not support for SHA-256. Microsoft has provided updates to support SHA256 on these OS.

    I suspect that your PC does not have an update and hence cannot read the SHA-256 signature. Could you check that you have the following update https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/security/3033929

    I hope the driver installation succeeds after you update your Windows.


    I have Win 10. And I encounter the same problem.
    During install when I’m asked to turn the LP16 on Installer can’t find LP-16 + a small note appears down in the right hand corner that Win cannot recognize the device.
    Checking my win update there’s no updates missing. Installing the signature SHA-256 hotfix ( as mentioned in another thread) = my win says just plainly it’s not possible to install the hotfix.
    I did not have any drive in the LP-16

    I did manage to update firmware 83934 with win7 laptop. (thought maybe that would help)
    On my win 7 laptop driver install worked. Running as administrator I got the possibility to skip the digital signature and go ahead. Something like that, can’t remember the exact words. Not hasslefree but it worked in the end.

    Tried to install driver again on my Win 10 machine but still the same problem.

    Any ideas or magical trix ?

    Best regards



    On your win 10 system please try the following:
    Disconnect the device, reboot your computer.
    Make sure there’s no other USB device connected to your computer (like sound card, webcam etc).
    Start the installer
    Connect the device to your pc when the driver installer ask you to connect. (make sure there’s no USB drive connected to the LP-16 during the driver installation.
    If still not succeed please leave the LP-16 connected, exit from the driver installer and start it again. (leave the LP-16 connected)
    When the driver installer ask you to connect the LP-16 please leave connected and powercycle the device.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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