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    Im realy not happy with the new uRemote andriod app after long time waiting on a beter version, with a update for a stable conection isu

    Now I lost my compleet directory structur, i can not find my old tracks any more.
    Do i Someting wrong or is this a bug, when it is a bug try to fix it as soon as possible .
    Or set back the old version in the app store.

    I sends some pictures , left you see my iPad with the directory structur uRemote old version and right you see my Android with the update remote to day app. You see no directory structur.

    Meaby it is beter to select a couple of beta testers before launch a new version.

    Greetings Peter Visscher
    Sorry for my bad englisch but im from Holland


    Hi Peter,

    What version of uRemote?
    Did you updated to the current version 1.2.038
    We just released half hour ago.
    And please also update the firmware on your uTrack-X32 to 3865


    Ho laszo

    Yes it is the last Android uremote version.
    For the card im not sure i update the card last december is wil check. I Will check it when i Am at home.

    i try to make a record, it won’t start from the Android it only start from the ipad. After the record there is no track in the Android browser in the ipad yes there is see picture.

    Let me frist check the card version in two hours, im home. Let keep in toch.

    Sorry again for ‘m bad englisch

    Greetings peter


    No problem I can understand what you mean.
    I assume the firmware must be the 2905 because we released that 3865 firmware today.
    So please update the card then try with the new uRemote 1.2.038


    Hello Laszlo.

    sorry sorry i make a deep bend to your guys,

    You ware correct the card update did the trick form 2905 to 3865 it was also written at the app …rrrrrrr.
    the usb update option is realy great,

    now i have back my directory structur and soo on, i hope the connection problems will also been solved.
    5 minuts ago i also update my ipad because it dont run with version 2905 so i must test this
    This weekend i will test all new functions en conections, so lets keep in toch

    Greetings Peter …. from Holland so sorry for my Englisch

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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