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    First time poster. I skimmed the forums for this topic but found nothing, please redirect me if this topic has been discussed previously.

    When arming the U24 to record I can choose between the following options :

    Stereo (Tracks 1&2)
    4 Ch (First four tracks)
    8 Ch (First eight tracks)
    12 Ch (First 12 tracks)
    16 Ch (First 16 tracks)
    20 Ch (First 20 tracks)
    24 Ch (All 24 tracks)

    How, if at all possible, would I punch in the middle of track 12 (lets call it a lead guitar track) to replace or comp a solo?
    For how useable this product is I will be very disappointed if simple layering and punching in is not within this devices’ possibilities.

    Im working on a demo for a band and the recording approach is going to be layering.
    Start with recording guitar scratch tracks, play those back to the drummer thru headphones while we record the drum tracks.
    Re record guitars and bass, then finally add vocals last.
    Without the option to record a single track, how is this possible?

    Any insight is greatly appreciated,


    Hi Kyle,

    Playback and recording in the same time not possible.

    During playback you cannot change the track order on the fly.
    You can do your recording then then if you play back the song you will have identical track order what you set up before the recording. The only way to change the track order where you import your recording to your PC/MAC (using uTool) then export the song again with different track order.

    Julian Leschinsky


    I have the same problem..
    We are tracking for a demo, but without being able to do overdubs we can only record the drums at our practiceroom and have to record everything else at home or someone has to bring his old PC to the sessions an we have to use the Utrack24 as an Interface. Our Pc’s are old and so we have a lot of issues with computer crashes, drop outs etc..
    The Utrack24 would be so much more usable as a standalonerecorder if you could do overdubs.

    I hope this function could be considered for future updates!

    Sincerely, Julian


    Playback in the same time where the device are recording it require a double CPU power.
    This is the main reason why the uTrack24 does not support that feature.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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