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    Hey everyone!

    When ever i load midi files to LP-16, it changes to length of the song to around an hour pr. song, instead of the average of about 4 minutes pr song. All the patch changes happens at the right time, but the midi file seems to be too long. I’ve exported the files directly from Logicx and i’ve made sure that the midifile is the correct length.

    The wierd part is that this problem havn’t always been there.It used to be the right length when i loaded the midi files a couple of months ago. Now i can’t seem to get rid of the problem.

    Any suggestions what i might do wrong?


    Jeroen Schlaman

    Hi Nicholas,

    This is a bug in Logic Pro X and is introduced in one of the updates 1,5 to 2 years ago and only occurs with multi-channel MIDI files.

    I’ve created a tool which converts these faulty MIDI files to correct ones by removing empty assets and update the end-tick to the correct length.
    Please get in touch with me via info (at) livetech-productions.com so I can help you out.


    daniel evans

    Hi Jereon, (Hi Nicholas)
    I am having what sounds like the same issue – on a playlist of around 17 songs, there is one song where the MIDI file, no matter what method I used to export it, is approximately 2 minutes longer than it is supposed to be (and 2 minutes longer than the audio files) – Although in this case I exported the audio and MIDI from Pro Tools (originally PT 2019.11 I think, but I have just had another go in 2021.7 with the same result) rather than Logic.

    Any suggestions about how I might rectify this?

    daniel evans

    I have found out what then issue was with our set up at least – Protools is including markers in the MIDI file – even though they don’t appear to effect the length of the MIDI file when you import it into a protools session, if you have a marker after the end point of the MIDI file, UTool and LP16 still see it and extend the length of the MIDI file.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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