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    I’m looking for a cost effective solution for recording live bands for video. I am wondering if anyone has done this successfully with the utrack24 and curious to know what your setup is and any other pieces of gear you incorporated. I worried about sync drift that occurs normally on devices such as this when recorded for long periods of time. Make syncing to video extremely tedious. Since there is no timecode on this device and the crystal clock accuracy is 30ppm in the uTrack24.so perhaps an external word clock generator would be needed but that adds about $2K to the price of this setup and some extra noise at which point I’m getting closer to the price range of a Sound Devices 970. I’m just trying to determine if anyone has done this successfully with the Utrack24. Perhaps this is not the right device for what I want to do. Any advice?


    Hi stnthms,

    As we discussed in email, our company have not too much experience in live – video environment.
    Probably our users in this forum can help you about this question.

    Gabriel A Pass

    Adobe Premiere is a great NLE for these purposes. It has audio synchronization features that assure that your audio and video will stay in sync as long as you record some kind of audio on camera. Just using a camera’s built in mic is fine regardless of the quality since this audio is only used for matching wave-forms to your multi-track concert recording.

    But even without these fancy tools. I have been recording concerts for years and have never needed more than a film slate to make sure that hours of separately recorded audio and video are in sync.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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