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    Lauri Täht


    I just got my Live Player, and I have made Multitrack playlist what I want to control from a master device (Boss 505 looper).
    The “MIDI Input Indicator Light” circle flashes, but nothing is happening, the song will not start and I can’t change the songs from the external MIDI master device.
    I have the latest firmwire.
    What am I doing wrong?


    Hi Lauri,

    Unfortunately the LP-16 does not support this feature.
    You cannot remote control the device with midi

    mads anderskouv

    It says….

    “1x MIDI In and 1x MIDI Out with standard MIDI player function”

    What do you mean by that then?


    By connected to computer, you’ll have a standard MIDI I/O interface, by using as a player you can play back midi files including standard midi notes and cc as well sysex

    Lauri Täht


    thank you for the replys! I should have read this forum before i bought the unit.
    There’s one weird thing with the unit, when I use it with the computer then at some moment, there is a weird crackling sound. It has happened to me every time I use the unit over 30 Min. I have tried to change the I/O Buffer size, if it’s under or over 512 then it’s bad.
    Laszlo is have you heard of this problem before? If so, is there a solution to this error?


    OSX or Windows?
    The LP-16 is sesitive for the cable lengt/quality.
    Please make sure that you are using as short possible cable, if you need long cable please use an USB hub between the device and your computer.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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