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    Kenneth SpencerKenneth Spencer

    I have a Live Player 16.
    In principle this device is good value. However, I seem to be plagued by the fact that the USB socket and the Power socket are rather loose and are liable to cause the device to lose its USB connection.
    Have you any advice on what I should do?
    Kenneth Spencer

    Laszlo .Laszlo

    Hi Kenneth,

    How old is your device? It is still under warranty?
    If yes I suggest you to contact with the place where you bought the device and tell them this issue.
    The connection should be solid.

    Kenneth SpencerKenneth Spencer

    Thanks Laszlo, for that reply.
    I bought the device in September 2015, so I suspect that it may be out-of-warranty by now.
    It is also in a Virtual Pipe Organ which would have to be out-of-use if the Audio Device had to be sent away for repair.
    I wondered whether this was afrequent issue with the LP-16, because the cables have not been frequently disconnected from either the USB or the PSU sockets.
    Unfortunately, the cable plugs are liable to disconnect momentarily, if for example there is any vibration in the instrument, and that upsets the USB registration with Windows and the Instruments software.
    If you have any ideas, I’d welcome them!
    Best wishes,
    Kenneth Spencer

    Martin StephenMartin Stephen

    I am also having problems with the LP-16 in a virtual organ. In fact I have two LP-16’s in two different organs. Both organs are running on Windows 7. Computers and LP-16’s have the latest updates.

    The LP-16’s are a nightmare. They continually disconnect and reconnect making them totally unusable. The problem on both of my LP-16’s is not loose connections. It seems to be a software issue???

    For now, I am having to return to my old, totally reliable Presonus!

    Surely there must be an answer to this?

    Martin Stephen

    Martin StephenMartin Stephen

    By the way, I bought both LP-16’s only a few months ago – from different shops in Europe. I am in Asia. I really do think it is a software problem…… I’m testing with different computers and laptops at the moment. The test this very moment says, “LP-16 Mixerpanel has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.” I have spent so many hours over the last few weeks trying to get to the bottom of this problem. Requests for information to cymatic support have gone unanswered…… But I’m not complaining. The LP-16 could be brilliant and exactly what I want if it is reliable! (Which is why I bought two LP-16’s!!!!).

    Martin StephenMartin Stephen

    It’s me again – sorry. Is there a better way I can communicate my problems?

    I’ve been working on the disconnection problem with my LP-16’s for days. And my entire day today has been devoted to trying to find a solution. I cannot continue with my work on my digital organs until the LP-16’s are stable.

    An hour ago, in desperation, I switched off my new computers and turned to my old laptop – also running Windows 7, but probably not updated. The LP-16 that’s connected to this laptop is stable and has not disconnected once. On the new upgraded PC’s the LP-16’s disconnect every minute or so.

    Suggestions please!

    Kenneth SpencerKenneth Spencer

    Hello, Martin …

    My guess is that your issue is somewhat different from mine, and I have an idea for you to try.
    My latest Virtual Pipe Organ (see here: OPUS II uses several USB devices, not least, an Arduino Teensy for system control. The main computer is an Intel Skull Canyon (i7, 32GB RAM, 2TB m.2 SSD, Windows 10 etc etc). The relevance of all this is that the Teensy kept disconnecting over and over again, whilst the LP-16 disconnected only if its connections were disturbed. I think that your LP-16 is in issue with the USB 3.0 or 3.1 USB ports.
    I obtained a 7-port USB 1.0 Powered Hub and tried that. And my Teensy has never disconnected since! So I’d say that you should try a USB Hub rated no later than USB2.0 and see how you get on. That would also explain why your LP-16 works with your old laptop.
    You may well not have the bad connections that I have with my LP-16 – it may just be a USB issue – let me know what happens. (INcidentally, have you seen this: here.

    FINALLY: IF ANYONE from Cymatic Audio reads these posts here is a message – “the principles and price of the LP-16 is brilliant for virtual pipe organs and other digital instruments -16 channels at the price is excellent, but we do need to get the connection stability sorted out!

    Kenneth Spencer

    Martin StephenMartin Stephen

    Thanks for that Kenneth. I will certainly look into everything you have suggested. My latest organ is a 5 manual with 14 USB devices in addition to the LP-16.

    After another whole day of experimenting, I have finally had some success.
    There is a software problem of sorts. In Windows I went to Advanced Power Settings and disabled the “USB selective suspend setting”. This helped.

    However, if the USB cable on the LP-16 is even only slightly touched at the port on the computer or at the LP-16, the unit immediately disconnects and then my Windows loses it completely and I have to uninstall and reinstall.

    As an experiment, I have hot-glued the USB plug to the back of the computer and cable tied it to stop any movement. I have also got the LP-16 sitting on top of the other end of the cable to stop any movement here.

    So far today, this is working……………. Let’s see how it goes.

    I have spent so many days on this problem. It is a brilliant unit. But the stability issues are a real problem!

    Laszlo .Laszlo

    Hi Martin,

    My first tough was the following: The USB port on the device has to be rock stable, if your device looses the connection the device need to be checked.
    But as you described the computer looses the connection even if you are touch the cable on the computer side this is very strange, and in this case either you have loose connection on both end or you have loose connection only on the computer side?!

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