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    Mads Knudsen

    Hey There Cymatic! Thanks for making great products 🙂

    When using Utrack 24 as a live backtrack-player it would be really useful to be able to control looping on the fly. (For instance you may want the intro to loop until you’re ready to start) You really don’t want to mess around with loop points and your ipad, since it’s not that convenient on stage and not that precise.

    a ‘loop song’ toggle for each song that when set to ‘on’ will force the track to keep looping once it’s started in playlist mode (instead of stopping or moving on to the next song)

    as a toggle for each song in the uTool playlist editor and with the possibility to toggle on the fly, (important for use case) by clicking ‘play’-button (or using foot-switch) WHILE song is playing.

    More use cases:
    – when playing live and you want to play the final chorus one ekstra time. With this feature I could divide my backtrack into song-sections and just toggle loop whenever I want to repeat a section.
    – When creating sound design for teatrical perfomances the length of each scene is not always exactly the same. With this feature you’ll have some elasticity.
    – when creating sound design for an exibition and just want something simple to loop.

    In short:
    This is the feature that will make me switch from laptop to uTrack for live performances.

    Andy Power

    A fantastic idea, what a shame that Cymatic can’t even be bother to reply ?



    There are different loop modes in the uTrack24

    Without playlist:
    In the menu you can set up “repeat one” and “repeat all”
    The repeat one repeats the song what you start to play
    The repeat all repeats all of the songs in a specific folder. –> When you create the songs in uTool you need to create your songs to this folder

    With playlist:
    Create a playlist with the song(s) what you wish to repeat and set “no delay” or “wait for the timer” start mode in the playlist
    This will repeats the song(s) in your playlist

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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