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    Lee Guilfoyle

    I bought an LP16 for my wife to continuously a single wav file for an art exhibition. She will progress to multiple files but for now how is this possible in the simplest of terms.

    Have to say, this is one of the most confusing units I have worked with so far. Must be me what I am doing wrong?

    Please help. What is the simplest way to load a simple wav file and loop it?

    Lee Guilfoyle

    This has been the most frustrating and least documented piece of equipment I have ever purchased or used.

    Nothing in the manual is clear, it lists functions as though the reader knows what they are as opposed to explaining the difference between them. Accessing files and saving them is as clear as mud. How about a simple tutorial on how to use the separate modes assuming the end user didn’t write the code themselves.

    Apologies if I’m being unfair guys but I’m baffled why this has to be so complicated to play a list of files back.

    I was testing this as a pre-sample for an art exhibition with a ton of artists waiting to see if this is for them. My advice based on my own experience so far would be not to bother.

    I’m willing to be told I’m being simple but this is so complicated for no reason.



    you can loop single or multiple multitrack song by creating a playlist with uTool and set “no delay” or “wait for timer” wait period between the songs in the playlist.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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