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    I need some help, i have update my utrack-x32 card from firmware 28xx ( don’t rember exact no) to 2905.
    Now it looks like that i lost more conection with my iPad. When i move the slider then i lost some time the conection
    Or i hit the rev forward buttons, then this happend., when i do nothing i lost it. On that moment i close uremote and start again it works again fine.if it happen again i stop start uremote ever time.and it runs. This happens as standalone and also when i run x32mix in the background is not a workbale for me….also when i switch over between some page like x32mix i lost my conection,

    And after the update i don’t see in the info tab (right corner) no card info like firmware and type, i only see the track info. This happend the hole time. In the old version, a have 28xx or sometimes 1234

    Update 10:00 i make a test whit my iPad and Android at the same time the iPad stopt the conection and Android is still running. I see one time the Android lost conection but restore the conection automatic this happens only one time.

    On the photo 1 left Android right iPad here is the conection lost, see both time

    Peter Visscher
    Sorry for my bad englisch, im from Holland


    Hi Peter,

    We already working on to fix this issue.
    Until we release the new version I can offer a workaround.
    Please connect any PC/MAC to the same router where your uTrack-X32 and iPad connected. (you can use wifi or wired connection as well)
    Install the Copperlan manager on your PC/MAC.
    Start the copperelan manager and select the proper network interface (gear icon at upper right corner)
    Now the uRemote should work properly.

    Sorry for the inconveniences

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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