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    Dan Keller

    I’m looking for a simple working setup to play WAV files and to control light via DMX. We’re currently using Roland SPD-SX sampling pad for 1 stereo audio backing track and Showbuddy for a couple of DMX controlled lights, separately.

    I’d like to combine audio playbacks and lights control. LP-16 seems to be an option. But I don’t understand how to control lights (I control them via DMX) using MIDI. Do I need kind of a MIDI to DMX converter? I did not found any Youtube video showing such a setup.

    Thank for hints 🙂



    You’ll need a midi to dmx converter or you need a controller which has midi input.
    The midi file can contain sysex data as well controller changes.


    I’m also interested in any hints for DMX lights automation with LP-16 thru midi.

    Would MIDI-DMX converter (without controller) be sufficient for automation?
    How would programming procedure look in following chain LP-16 => MIDI-DMX converter => DMX Lights?
    I assume using midi keyboard/controller in DAW of choice with lights hooked to converter could be used for automation/midi file creation in realtime, but is it practical in real world? Is there any software that could be used for midi creation for purpose of lighting which could be loaded to LP-16?
    It’s all new world to me, any advice would be greatly appreciated
    Many thanks

    Dan Keller

    Yeah me too I would really be interested to see a running and real setup and optimally also an example of a workflow for using (via MIDI) DMX controlled lights with LP-16).


    Hi CallMeBugs and Laszlo,

    I have made some progress with LP-16 and DMX Lighting..
    I got myself 2nd hand MIDI to DMX converted Decabox (response-box.com/gear/decabox-midi-to-dmx-bridge/)
    Its early days but it seems to work ok. It converts midi on/off notes as well as CC notes. Midi notes correspond to DMX Channels where velocity is multiplied by 2 and send as DMX value. Each CC also corresponds to DMX channels (although only first 118 I think)

    For Purpose of testing/learning lights, I have also mapped Midi controller (Graphite 49) sliders and knobs so I’m able to operate all functions of my DMX fixtures. It’s handy for blending colors and basic lights operation but I guess not very useful for real time programming purpose. Technically I’m also able to “play lights on keyboards”, but due to lights DMX functions/channel allocations, its little bit tricky..

    Most of my first “programming” attempts where done within DAW itself.. I’ve added new MIDI track purely for lighting. I use Audio Interface with midi out connected to decabox which goes directly to 1st light.. rest of lights in dmx chain (each with different address ) to check my progress.. ps its mental and my eyes hurts badly ;P

    Once whole song is completed I export this track to midi file and load it into LP-16. (which at this stage is connected /midi out to decabox).

    Like I said its early days but it seems to work ..

    I’m not sure yet how to leave some of lights on, after song’s end. They all go off/ into blackout , I believe LP-16 sends midi off messages at the end of midi file? Is this correct Laszlo?
    I’ve tried Midi CC but no luck yet..
    It would be nice to have some light on stage between songs. We try to keep gaps to minimum, but each track is started by our drummer to allow us bit more control.

    Anyway I need to spend more time testing this setup and will report back.

    Ohh I have also looked at some software for light shows designs/simulations, but good ones are very expensive and usually need USB type converter. Don’t think decabox/LP-16 setup will work with them.. I reckon it would be long painful process of programming whole set while being blinded by stage lights same time… lol


    Hi, here my question. Does the decabox have 3 pins xlr output to connect my ligths?
    I see only 5 pins dmx outs.
    Thank you.



    I don’t know what the decabox has.
    But the LP-16 has a 5pin midi input and output connector.
    The LP-16 does not have DMX output but it has MIDI


    Hi sisiu,

    Yes Decabox has 5pin DMX sockets ,but all you need it cable like one below.. It works just fine..



    [quote=”CallMeBugs” post=2920]I don’t understand how to control lights (I control them via DMX) using MIDI … I did not found any Youtube video showing such a setup.[/quote]

    Excellent “How to setup MIDI to DMX” video:

    Once you have created the MIDI track (using any suitable application) export the .mid file then import into playlist using uTool.


    [quote=”CallMeBugs” post=2920]Do I need kind of a MIDI to DMX converter?[/quote]
    In case your DMX controller do not support MIDI by default then you need a dedicated MIDI to DXM converter.
    As option, you might switch to a more advanced DMX controller featuring on-board MIDI port to make your setup even more simple.


    , is there any chance you happen to have the firmware file for the DecaBox? I also got a secondhad DecaBox, but it has the DMX Recording/Playback firmware, not the MIDI to DMX conversion firmware. I’m _also_ looking to use my LP-16 that plays backing tracks and .mid files to also control some DMX lights. I had assumed that Response-Box would have a downloads section on their website for the different firmware flavors for the DecaBox, but they don’t, and they aren’t responding to my emails. I’m guessing because I’m not _their_ customer, as I bought the unit on eBay secondhand.

    Jim Hunt

    Nate, Response-Box.com or Engineering Solutions Inc, is a one man operation. John Chapman treats his paying customers the same way. I have the 3 files you will need to update your DecaBox to the latest MIDI to DMX firmware, and would be happy to share them with you. -Jim

    Chris Am

    Hi Guys,

    Does anyone have the Decabox Firmware updates? Bought it for a lot of money with the wrong software and don’t get any reply.

    Need the firmware which stores DMX Shows I can trigger via Midi.

    Would be so cool if anyone could help me!

    Vincent Brancato

    I also need the files to enable a DecaBox to convert Midi to DMX. Can someone please share them with me as well? I bought a DecaBox on Amazon that is running the RS232 configuration. I need to install the MIDI to DMX (non recording) firmware to work with my rig. Thank you!


    Hey guys,

    Sorry my LP16 and decabox have been in storage for last two years due to covid.. as was my cymatic forum participation..

    Yeah I believe I still do have firmware for decabox if anyone still is in need.. Not sure if I remember how to use it though.

    I will try to be visit here more often but it seems bit dead to me 🙁

    Don’t think you can even buy cymatic products anymore, can you?

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