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    Hi, I’m using LP 16 to play some backing tracks and one wav click track. I need to synchronize the metromome of a looping machine to the click track played by LP 16. I want to make a loop performance synchronized to backing tracks and to the rest of the band (that follows the wav click). So I would like to set LP 16 as the master and send a midi clock message through midi port to my looping machine (the slave). Is it possible? How can I create a midi track with tempo information?

    If this feature isn’t supported yet, there is another solution to my problem? I would like to avoid the use of a computer, I’ve bought LP 16 just for this reason.
    Thank you very much, I hope I have explained the issue well

    Laszlo .Laszlo


    Unfortunately the LP-16 does not sends out midi clock.
    It can send out regular midi data including controller changes and sysex data but no midi clock or midi time code.
    For this reason I cannot provide you a solution for your use case.

    Gabriel CaclinGabriel Caclin

    Hi Laszlo,

    I saw many topics years ago about this feature (Midi clock capability) but it looks it is still not available.
    Is there any plan to get this in a further release or is there a technical hardware limitation that cannot make it possible?
    In facts, the Midi feature of the LP-16 is really nice, but I cannot understand why it can’t manage the midi tempo… probably there are no hardware clock/lfo within that cannot generate a clock?

    Laszlo .Laszlo


    Unfortunately the LP-16 is lack of free resources to do that, for this reason there’s no plan to implement that feature on LP-16

    Alix PAREAlix PARE

    That’s a basic function!!!!!

    Does the LP-16 send MIDI clock, CC and program change messages?

    Posted by David A. Molina on Thursday, 13 October 2016

    Now I’m in big trouble for my new professionnal music band. I need its MIDI Clock!!!

    After 2 years of using this LP-16, it’s appear like an expensive toy tat I paid 340€ in november 2016 just before price changing to 240€ 2 months later (Thomann).

    I think I’ll never buy any other Cymatic products…

    Alix PAREAlix PARE

    Finally, a simple MP3 player looks most powerful as your LP-16…
    Are you kidding us????

    LP-16 can’t read MIDI CLOCK
    LP-16 can’t mix audio tracks in the box
    LP-16 can’t manage USB stick directly connected on him while connected to uTool (We are in 2018 guys… Do you know every printers can do that since many years???)
    LP-16’s uTool need hours and hours at each export equally if songs has only one change since previous export…
    LP-16 looks unable to be correctly MIDI controlled…

    I’m really angry about Cymatic…

    While I planned to buy my LP-16 in november 2016, I contacted your support who confirmed it can play MIDI CLOCK.
    Finally, I did not use its function in the musical project for what I bought your machine. Now, I’m working on a new project and I was convinced about that…

    You Cymatic looks like beginners in this business…

    I have to switch to FAMC’s Liquid Tracks LT-100 immediately. It looks more professional…

    Laszlo .Laszlo

    Hey Alix,

    Are you seriously comparing a stereo mp3 player which has midi implementation to the LP-16 multitrack player and not latest your device cost twice?
    I don’t think it is fair to compare a completely different device just because it fits better to your needs.
    I’m really sorry to hear that the LP-16 does not fits to your needs however there are at least couple of thousand other user who is happy with the device.
    As I am the only one who is handle support requests I’m wondering who told you that the device supports midi clock? Do you still have this email?

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    I’m not sure about your device, but I think there must be midi controlled tap tempo function and stop/start metronome. I use tap tempo function of my guitar processor in every single song and it works fine. Just give it a try. Usually there are little less obvious ways to solve the problem

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