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    Michal Hejtmánek


    If I select the multitrack song in menu it takes a few moments till the song is ready to play. I suppose the reason is that the LP-16 is loading all tracks from USB drive to its own RAM. Is that right?

    Can this time be reduced by using the USB3 flashdrive with high reading speed (f.e. 400MB/s)? Or that won’t work? Is there any limit?

    Thank you so much for an answer.


    Hi Mike,

    Yes you can use USB 3 drives as well. But you’ll don’t have a serious performance improvement because the LP-16 use USB2 connection.


    Sorry for the repeat if this is what you answered, but I’m unclear on the answer, so forgive me….

    Am I understanding you correctly that even if I switched to a SSD OR AN HDD hard drive instead of my current – 32 GB SANDISK ULTRA USB 3.0 thumb drive the songs won’t load any faster?

    My drummer complains all of the time saying the wait between songs is ridiculous.
    We play in MT mode, in a set-list, we have the songs set to stop after each song and wait for a footswitch press to start the next song.
    It goes like this:
    1. Prior song ends (We watch the time meter turn to zeros)
    2. the screen flashes “PLEASE WAIT” for a second.
    3. He presses the footswitch, we wait 5 or 6 seconds then our click/song starts.
    So although it doesn’t sound like much, it is on a live stage….Will a SSD or HDD speed this part up over the thumb drive?
    By the way we have 18.558 GB of free space on the thumb drive currently.
    Thank you


    Yes and no.
    I mean the time which needed to fill up the internal buffer mostly depend on the processor inside of the LP-16. (it also depend on the channel count and sample rate as well the bit depth of the song.
    So this really does not depend on the USB drive (unless if the drive is really slow, but the drives today has more then enough speed especially for reading)
    But something is strange with your setup.
    The device should have preloading which means if the song over the next song pre-loaded and ready to playback instantly.
    I made a quick test. I have a Sandisk ultra fit (USB3) drive connected to LP-16 with 48kHz/24bit 16channels songs. The pre-loading takes around 2-3 seconds then the song playback start instantly if i push the footswitch.
    Could you please make sure your device running 83934 firmware release. You can check that when you turn on the device you should see a 4 or 5 digit number on the screen. If you see different number please update your device first.


    I checked I am running the most recent firmware.
    I found it odd that even though it says next is preloaded that it wouldn’t be ready as soon as the last song ends.
    What do you suggest I try if this isn’t the way it should work with the most recent FW?
    I’d rally like to give him feedback that is accuate.
    Song 1 is playing, next song in list is preloaded and ready, song 1 ends, step on the foot switch and preloaded song plays near instantaneously.

    Gabriel A Pass

    Just remember not to use your flash drives for recording!

    Flash drives result drop-outs as they switch from one memory module to another.

    I recommend on of the new 7200rpm portable drives
    some of these are 7200prm: https://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2400958,00.asp


    Hi sixtycycle,

    In case of LP-16, the Song 2 is not preloaded while the Song 1 is being played back.

    When in MT-mode, you have to click on the down button to go to the next song and wait that it gets pre-loaded. After that pressing play button (or footswitch) will start the song instantaneously.

    But the behavior is a little different with Multitrack playlist and I would suggest you to make a playlist with uTool. When creating the playlist in uTool, choose a start mode of “wait for button press” for each song. You can export playlists and then load the playlist in LP-16 using the browser button.

    In case of playlist, after the Song 1 is completed, it switches to Song 2 and pre-loads it(2-3 seconds). When the song has been set with the start mode option of “wait for button press”, it starts playing as soon as the footswitch button is pressed.

    Hope this answers your doubts.


    I am using playlist made in UTool.
    They are all set to wait for key/footswitch to play.
    So if I understand song must end before song two is loaded?
    What is the word “preload” for that’s deceiving when the thought is that song two is preloaded and ready the second the song ends. Sucks having the 3second delay that causes our drummer to hit a switch to imeadiatley start song two and wondering why it’s not playing so he hits it again but now we have stage confusion. Any thoughts of actually preloading song two while song one is playing so there’s no delays…??

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