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    john sylvanis

    Hi all.

    I intend to use the LP-16 exclusively with DAWs to connect to a 16 channel amplifier (16 speakers). I write music for the orchestra, and mix in the DAWs, however, I’d like to listen to the non-mixed tracks on 16 independent channels connected to 16 speakers and only then do the mixing. The main problem with orchestral writing is that all of the instruments sounded on 2 tracks (amped or headphones) just do not give the right sound space. I want to listen to the chords created by the instrument where every instrument could be heard. I am not here talking about surround sound, because the orchestra is no a surround sound instrument (because the public usually faces it). I am talking about 16 independent audio channels.

    I am not sure I explained the above clearly enough, so let me know. The question is whether I could do what I described above with the LP-16 as an interface.

    Thank you for your suggestions. Yes, I know you have a 24 tracker, but finding a 24 channel amp is a hard task and the price would be too high for my financial possibilities.

    Thanks, John.

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