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    John Maher

    I recently purchased the LP-16 and *Really* like it. I wish the outputs were balanced, but so far so good in avoiding the dreaded ground loops and most hums. The headphone out has a good bit of hiss if I turn it up, but I can work around that by lowering the level and increasing gain on amplifiers, and/or using it for lower frequencies where it’s not an issue.

    I use the device as a sound card with a program similar to Hauptwerk, a pipe-organ virtual instrument program. The sounds certainly are not limited to organ pipes. They can be anything. Virtual instruments benefit greatly by using multiple outputs, and this is the reason I’m writing.

    I currently use Windows10. I understand that if I were to use Linux instead, I could use even more output devices that are addressable separately. Since I play live, synchronizing playback is not an issue.

    Therefore, my question is this, would Linux recognize *two* LP-16s and be able to address them individually? All of this assumes another rack of amplifiers, speakers, etc. I just want to know if it’s feasible.

    Thank you for a great product.

    Church Keys



    To use the LP-16 under Linux (low latency) it would need an ALSA driver which not available unfortunately.
    At the moment as no driver available and officially the linux not supported platform if you connect to your computer (as I remember correctly) it will act as a 2in/2out device.

    John Maher

    Thank you for your quick reply. I’ll stay with Windows 10, unless you tell me an Apple would recognize more than one. 🙂


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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