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    Michael Ransom

    Hi! I’m working with my LP-16 and after loading in songs and playing them back, I noticed that the level is considerably lower than how the tracks were recorded, about 30db less. I have LP16 outputs going to a Radial DI (no pad, no ground lift, no flipped phase), and going straight to my mixer set at 0 gain for line level.

    I read through the instructions and some different posts on the forum, so my next check was the mixer settings. All the faders in there are all the way up, 0 db. Still, no change.

    In short, my mixes are relatively hot (avg -10 db, peak -0.3 db), I’m in multi-track mode, the meters on the LP16 show full volume, I’m going into DI’s w/out the pad, straight into my mixer and the volume is -30db. Is there something I’m overlooking here? Does the transformer in DI boxes normally take 30 db off unbalanced line-level signal? Any help is greatly appreciated!

    – Mike



    The LP-16 has Full-scale output 8.2dBu, 2 Vrms level. what is the specification of your mixer?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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