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    I have updated one computer with Windows 10 and when I choose the LP-16 ASIO Driver all the softwares show me an error and cannot use it.

    It works in MME and DirectX, or with ASIO4All on all 18 outputs.

    What do you think about it ?



    Hi Pierre,

    I tested on Windows 10 it is working, I able to use ASIO and WDM mode as well.
    Can you please try to remove the LP-16 driver and intall it again?


    Thanks for your answer.

    I have had aleady reinstalled it after the Windows 10 update, but this time I have done a CClleaner sweep after unistall, and now ASIO works perfectly too !

    By the way, how goes the idea to make the driver compatible with two connected units at a time ?
    Do you think that there is some chance that it will be possible some day ?


    Thanks for your feedback.

    Unfortunately one driver cannot handle two device on the same PC.


    Yes, I know.
    So there is no hope for a future evolution ?
    It is a shame…


    That’s problem coming from the limitation of ASIO standard, the ASIO protocol doesn’t support multiple devices.


    Yes, but… One ASIO driver can support several devices.
    For example, the RME driver I use supports 3 Multiface units, that appear as one ASIO soundcard in the audio softwares.
    The same with some MOTU ones.

    But I think that the “problem” is not ASIO but how the firmware’s driver is made.
    When I connect two LP-16 In Windows or in OS X, only one unit is seen, which is odd because each one turns well into interface mode.
    This occurs only with le LP-16, all other audio interfaces I have used are at least recognized by the system, so I suppose that there is something inside the basic LP-16 driver that prevent the systems to see more than one unit.

    The ASIO limit is not the problem, because Core Audio has not this limit and I can also use only one.
    If the two units could be seen, I could use the aggregation provided in OS X, or use ASIO4All on Windows.
    As you have said in the FAQ section, I can aggregate the LP-16 with other USB audio interfaces, so, why not two LP-16 ?

    I know that the clock sync could be a problem, but for playback, it has never been an issue for me with two or three soundcards (3 ESI Gigaport HD for example).
    I know also that the main purpose and interest of the LP-16 is the standalone mode, but it can be a plus for some people 😉
    So, may I have yet a little hope ?


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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