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    gabriel freitas


    So, I bought a Cymatic LP 16 solely to use as a sequencer for my MIDI gear. Not caring at all about the audio.

    But so far I found it to be incredibly unreliable.

    I’ve compared it to a daw here:
    Sequencer comparison

    In the beginning of the song (even pre-loaded) it will compress MIDI signal. Which is Ok, just throw a bit of empty bars in the beginning.

    But sometimes during it will miss the timing and play a random note around 40 ms later. It doesn’t advance or slow the sequence, for some notes it will trigger later. 40 ms is incredibly noticeable and spoil the entirety of the song.

    This things do not happen wen I sequence my gear with the DAW.

    Tried exchanging MIDI cables, using SMF 0 and 1. Nothing works. It happens, every song. It plays well 12000 MIDI events but for 5 it will miss, it’s noticeable, it ruins the song.

    My question is as follow:

    Is there a previous firmware with a more reliable MIDI player (I’m using the latest release)? So I can try and see if the problem persists.

    Will there be effort to solve this?

    I’m very tempting to return this unit and seek elsewhere. But I really love the concept of this product, which makes this shortcoming of the MIDI player is a complete shame.


    gabriel freitas

    The image link did not work,
    here it is again not embedded

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    Hi Gabriel,

    Many thanks for your detailed error description.
    For us this issue unknown and not clear what causing it.
    Please zip your song folder from the USB drive (including the wav files; midi file and the .set file) /please use some file sharing service eg wetransfer etc/ and send it to support_at_cymaticaudio_dot_com email address
    We are going to take a look at this problem.

    Are you able to reproduce the issue every time?
    Is the delay happens all the time at the same place? If yes please tell us the exact time too.

    I’m looking forward for your message

    gabriel freitas

    Hi Laszlo,

    I’ve sent the files as requested. Request (4123).

    This issues happen every time on every song. And it doesn’t happen on the same event every time. It varies.

    The MIDI track in which it is most noticeable is the 10th (drum track), since the drum beat is what keeps the pace of the song.

    If you follow the triggers of the drum track (I used sound) you’ll see that the distance between beats drifts constantly, eventually the drift will be high (>40 ms) and noticeable.

    I’m really really sad I’m having this problem.

    You guys could reach great audiences by marketing this thing as a standalone sequencer for synths. Once we are able to create tracks solely with MIDI files and such MIDI player is reliable.

    gabriel freitas

    I turned the LP16 today again, played one song.

    30 seconds in and boom there it is the issue again.

    32 MS of latency for one beat.

    Completely ruins the song

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    Dall Luhjcien

    So … what is the conclusion to that problem ?

    gabriel freitas

    None. They never got back to me. Returned the product, gathered some more money and got a MPC 1000 instead.

    They are really missing the ball ’round here


    Hello Gabriel,

    I’m sorry for the delay, we had an email communication and true we had a delay but that’s does not means we did not wanted to provide you a solution. For us also take some time to investigate the issue which was reported first time by you.
    This issue does not present on uTrack24 which offers the same functions like the LP-16.

    I’m apologise for the inconvenience

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