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    What has changed with USB formatting in the new LP16 firmware? Is it safe to use an USB pendrive formatted with the previous version?
    I’ve just added new songs and playlist with the new uTool and it warns me about the cluster size of the pendrive (which was formatted on the LP16 with the previous firmware) and suggests to reformat it with the LP16 new firmware. Is it safe to use it that way or do I really have to reformat it? What was the cluster size with the previous version and what it is now? (I don’t have the LP16 right here with me, and maybe I could format a pendrive with the right clustersize on the PC.) What speed benefits can I get from the new formatting changes?


    Hello Gàbor,

    We changed the default cluster size to 64K during formatting the drive. This cluster size provide better performance especially recording on flash/USB thumb drives.
    We use the same formatting method on all of our recording and player devices as well for keep our devices consistent, but this change have more impact on the recording performance.
    We did not changed the reading method on LP-16, so if you had no playback problems the same drive should work in the same performance.
    Once when you have the LP-16 we recommend to reformat the the drive, and re-export the content.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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