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    Antonello Petrino

    Hello. I’ve purchased recently an LR-16 and I think it’s a wonderful piece of equipment. Unfortunately when I used it as audio interface with my PC (dual core – 4 Gb RAM – Windows 10 x86) while I’m recording the drums with guitar and bass (about 14 inputs) suddenly Cubase gets disconnected by the device and appears a message on the screen: LR-16 ASIO driver has stopped. Please restart the software.
    When I try recording with 10 or 12 tracks everything goes right. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks.


    Hello there
    i m trying to use it with ableton with the same almost results..
    i ve created a thread too but didnt get an answer..
    And now that its discontinued maybe we will not get an answer forever.
    Maybe its ok to use it by its own without pc…
    but this as audio interface sucks…. unfortunately .. And we payed for it 300 euros…
    This is by far the worst audio interface i ve ever had
    Hope we will be more ”lucky in our next audio interface”
    Cheers mate



    You did not mention the firmware version, driver version and your OS version. (and some details about the computer hw)
    Please tell me those details.

    And please also tell me what is the problem exactly

    Antonello Petrino

    Hi everybody. I’ve solved according to your instructions about the use of reaper to work with the unit. Actually it works perfectly when I record tracks with reaper, therefore I import all tracks into cubase for further processing. Probably your driver doesn’t work perfectly with cubase, although I did not try to work with an later version of cubase.
    Anyway with reaper it works great. Wonderful piece of equipment!


    Hello mate
    Happy to hear that this works out for you! i
    i ve tested the LR in Win10 with Bitwig Studio/ Ableton Live and FL
    the driver does not work with any of those too!
    I ve managed to test it with Bitwig Studio in Ubuntu 17.04 where no drivers needed almost for anyrything .. and LR16 works like a champ for real!
    Lets hope that Cymatic will help us as soon as possible with a new true ASIO driver for win10
    Cheers !

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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