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    Mangu Diaz

    please provide a firmware update so mac os can be used to copy the wav files in the usb device, actually the lp16 will not work that way due to the hidden files created by mac os. Also a mac version for the playlist app will be good


    Dear Mangu,
    Since yesterday a firmware update for the LP-16 which eliminates this issue is available for download . The playlist editor for Mac should be released some time in january.

    Cymatic Audio Support

    Eddy Sloof

    Hi any aprox date for the MAC Editor in sight?



    The Mac compatible editor should be available some time in March.


    Eddy Sloof

    uf … i tought it came by the end of january .. 🙁
    thanks anyway

    Steven Cowley

    Any news on the Mac playlist editor? I would love to buy the LP-16, but I need to be able to create a playlist without buying a PC too!

    Am I correct in thinking that you can’t create a playlist on the LP-16 itself – you need the editor software, right?



    The Mac compatible editor should be available end of this Month.

    Alexi Rioux

    Hello, we are almost at the end of the month, do you have any idea when the mac playlist editor will be ready? I can’t wait to use it on my mac. I tried to install the new driver and firmware update on my old PC (on windows xp) and nothing worked. Then I realized that there were a mac firmware update on your website, I ran it on my mac and everything worked find!!!


    [quote=”Laszlo” post=200]Hi,

    The Mac compatible editor should be available end of this Month.[/quote]

    thanks for the post :cheer:


    Just thought I quickly share my experience with getting the files on your LP-16 with a Mac.
    Although I have installed the latest firmware update (83859) the LP-16 is still having issues with some hidden files OSX creates.. namely the .DS_Store files. At least on my LP-16 with Release Build 83859 it’s still not happy displaying folder which contain those files as MT songs.

    What worked for me is to show the hidden files in OSX and then just deleting them manually from the USB drive. Here are helpful instructions to create a little Automator script to toggle your hidden files on OSX. https://blog.bertvanlangen.com/articles/toggle-hidden-files-finder-os-x-10-10-yosemite/

    Since I did that all songs are working and the unit is running stable. Ready for Rock&Roll! (or even 80s pop…)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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