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    Michael O’Hara

    Latest Firmware and Utool being used.

    With the new song autoload feature – had a single incident of during playlist
    song ended. The next song in the list which is now “Auto loaded”….
    I hit play and the track assignments were all wrong! Nightmare at show.

    I use 4 mono tracks coming out direct outs – 1, 2, 3, 4
    1&2 are the stereo backing track
    3 band click
    4 drummer click

    When I started the song 3&4 were coming out 1&2
    and 1&2 were coming out 3&4….

    I quick hit stop —- totally embarrassing.

    On the set break I checked it again and it was then correct out puts
    couldn’t duplicate the issue..

    Now at home —- same thing but I do have to let the song
    prior to it play all the way through….
    but yes the problem is still here and only on that song if
    I let the song before it play through.

    If I stop the song and restart it…. it will fix itself.


    Hi Bigego,

    Sorry to hear you had a problem with Cymatic Audio device.
    Can you send me those files to support@cymaticaudio.com ? (please send me the the song folder with wav and settings file and the playlist file as well.)
    Do you have a same issue in playlist and normal playback as well, when the next song are preloaded?

    Michael O’Hara

    I sent you the video that shows you the exact behavior. The show file is over 6 gig… can’t really email that.
    Did you get the video and watched it yet? Audio showing up in the wrong assigned outputs could be
    very bad news for a lot of performers out there. Contact me asap so I can get you exactly what you need
    to de-bug this issue.

    Michael O’Hara

    Any time line on the Fix for the last update with the issues?

    thank you


    We are already working on the next firmware release.
    Sorry but at the moment I cannot tell you the exact time for the release.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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