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    Michael O’Hara

    I have a Utrack24 song which I had to edit the tracks by adding a few seconds to them at the beginning.
    I went to Utool and made sure to “overwrite” that song on the drive.
    Then playing the song in the UTrack24…. I noticed it stopped early…. just a few seconds.
    I looked at my audio files in audacity and they were 5:27 in length since edited…
    however uTool never updated that the audio files were 5:27 …..
    it still had the old length listed of 5:23…. which makes sense why it stopped early
    even though the audio files were 5:27… the song data still was thinking 5:23.

    I had to rename the song and then noticed it updated the song length.

    Is that the intended behavior?


    Hi Bigego,

    Are you sure you selected the “force overwrite” mode during exporting the song?
    If you export the song from the uTool to another USB drive does it have a proper length of wav file?

    Michael O’Hara

    Yes …. I did force overwrite it. I now just make sure to delete the song in Utool and re-create it.
    Then never an issue. Also I noticed a bug in the mixer portion of Utool. You can save “mixer” savings….
    but it does not recall the panning settings.

    Michael O’Hara

    One other super minor glitch I noticed.

    In multitrack playlist mode.
    When 1 song is done and the next song is automatically pre-loaded…
    when I hit play a small little audio “crackle” of “pop” can be heard for 1/2 second.

    If instead of hitting play…. I scroll back and forth to essentially “re-load” the song
    that “crackle” or “pop” can always be avoided. This is not particular to any song.
    Seems to be the “normal” behavior when in playlist mode… unless manually scrolling to a different song.


    I have the same problem with the audio glitch at the start of songs in playlist mode. Did you ever get a response or find a resolution?



    I already sent you invitation to our dropbox folder. Please upload the content there then I can check what cause this issue.


    Thanks Laszlo, yes got the mail this morning.

    Will upload content tomorrow morning.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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