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    Midiclock is sometimes critical to have external equipment (such as delay effects and other sequensers for recording thru cable) syncroniced to the LP 16.

    As a drummer (using Roland MC 80) I also miss a blinking led lamp to be able to see the tempo when playing in a noisy livesituation with bad monitor (or worse…if monitorsignal for the drummer on stage is lost).

    i wish for a software update enabling the tempo to be visible in the display when selecting a song for playback. Ex. make the playback icon (when playng a song) flash in sync with midi tempo if midi is present in the project.



    I’ll add this topic as an “user feature request”.

    Thank you for your input

    Gabriel Caclin

    That is definitely a “must have”.
    Midi Tempo/Midi Clock is really critical for timed effects that request a clock such as delays (as previously mentionned).
    The LP-16 is the reason why I bought it, because it can plays a midi file for program changes for exemple, but what a lack for the midi tempo :(…
    I hope that will be soon implemented in a further release…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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