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    PERRETON Florent

    Hello and sorry for my English!!

    I use a lp16 and i’m searching an issue with the midi clock because I need it for a project.
    I find two solutions :

    The first :
    – the more complicated
    – you mustn’t buy something
    – I’ve test it, it works but not with my all effects

    The idea is to write the clock in the midi file. The LP16 can’t create the clock but it can read it.
    Thanks to Bavi_H to explain how to do that.
    Here is the link to read the post : https://www.midi.org/forum/3769-midi-real-time-message

    The second :
    – more easier
    – you have to buy something
    – i’ve not tested it yet.

    The idea is two send a midi message CC or notes and to use a unit to transform it into a clock message.
    You have to send 24 messages per quarter.
    You can do that with a midi solution event processor but as i said it I can’t test that. I think the lp16 is sending power on the midi out but i’m not sure. if it don’t, you have to buy the midi solution power adaptateur too.

    Anyway recently i meet a man that make midi units and he is interested to work on a product to solve this problem. I will test it for you and make a review as soon as i have it!

    I hope this post are useful for somebody. But i think because there is many people complaining about the lp16 midi clock sending inability.



    Dall Luhjcien

    The MIDI clock update would be so great … I have friends that were interested a lot by the LP16 but they finally won’t because of that silly limitation ….
    We no longer live in the 80’s !

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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