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    Jakub Stastny


    planning to buy uTrack24 I have a question. I understand, that I can playback one MIDI file synchronously with other audio files. But can I get the MIDI timecode as well?

    I need to control the lights controller with MIDI by:

    1. MIDI events from synchronous MIDI file – that’s OK, I know you can do that
    2. MIDI timecode to switch the scenes on our lights controller – every song starts with different time code (1:00:00, 5:00:00, 10:00:00 etc.) which is recognised by the lights controller and switch the scene file)

    So is there a chance to get MIDI events and MIDI timecode out of the uTrack 24 MIDI port at the same time, please? If so, can I define the start timecode of the backing tracks (different for every song)?

    thank you very much,


    Hi Jakob,

    The uTrack24 does not support midi timecode.
    It supports MIDI type0; type1 format, the midi can contains cc as well sysex data.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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