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    Simon LindSimon Lind

    Luke, do you have access to both the old version of logic (10.3.1) and the new version (10.5.1) ? It would be interesting to have a look at the different midi files and compare the two. If you create a simple automation with a few changes it’s possible to diff the files.

    You can post it here by running xxd command in the Terminal:
    xxd old_logic_working.mid

    xxd new_logic_not_working.mid

    copy & paste the output

    Jeroen SchlamanJeroen Schlaman

    I actually wrote a converter tool myself to solve the issue.
    I found out Logic somehow write a very high ‘end time’ to the first tempo track in the MIDI file.
    My converter just takes out this ‘wrong’ information and rewrites the MIDI resulting in a perfectly timed MIDI file.
    Still annoying Logic isn’t correct with this by default though.

    Simon LindSimon Lind

    That’s interesting. I haven’t been able to look at it for a while but I would like to create a similar tool. Jeroen, if I understand you correctly did you just remove the end time midi event from the Logic exported file and that solved the issue, did it? do you mind sharing the code?

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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