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    Daniel Korzin

    Hi guys,

    wich software do you use for midi file creation? A DAW like Cubase or a dedicated software for midi file creation only?

    I own the LP-16 since 2 weeks an everything works fine for me except the midi file playpack. Before the LP-16, i used a laptop with audio interface and cubase for samples playback and midi program change for my hardware.

    The sample playback runs perfectly with the LP-16 but the midi program change doesn’t work. I exported the the midi files directly out of cubase.

    The midi should only send program change commands to midi channel 1 maybe a second channel later.

    I hope you can help me with this.

    Best regards


    There are a lot of parts you can do wrong!

    1.Programmsettings in Cubase (MIDI-Section Files/Filters)
    2.MIDI-Section on the top bar: CC-Automatisation
    3.Export-Options (setted during export)
    4.It always better work if you make the CCs in automation-track (not enclosed in MIDI-Track) -> look at 2.
    5. In some cases commands are ignored if they start at the very beginning of the midi-file.
    6. If the midi-track have no other part than cc, you had to draw the empty file from begin to end.
    7. If ccs in automation track you had to set the green R(ead) button. Otherwise they will be ignored.


    Hi! I have the same problem…
    I use cubase 8 Pro but I can’t export a midi to work with the uTrack 24!
    Can you give a “step by step” guide to “how to export midi file from cubase for the uTrack players”?
    I would like to use the midi files associated to every song to control program changes and lights show: is it possible to control a complete lights rig…including led moving heads and Led spot…with this solution?
    Many thanks


    Exporting the correct MIDI files can indeed be a pain, but that is more related to the DAW you are using than uTRack or LP.
    I share the same experience as fko56, getting the export settings of your DAW right for the perfect MIDI file can be a beast and is VERY much depending on the software you are using.
    So a simple step by step would definitely not be a solution to all.

    What I found helpful in general (as a Sonar user, but this will be similar to many other DAW), take a good look in your list editors of the midi tracks. These will at least show you what data really is happening at that track.
    In addition, I never relay on the ‘overall’ track settings or patch changes and add all patch changes and several controllers manually in list editor.
    That way you can determine EXACTLY when things will happen.
    For instance I noticed on both Cubase and Sonar, that both will send a lot of rubbish at the beginning of a MIDIfile if you are not careful.

    I am on the road now, but I will try to make a SONAR description in a few weeks.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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