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    Clément BERTHIE


    My midi files doesn’t work with my LP-16. I did many tests and I have read all the forum.
    I would like to control my pedalboard with program change in 2 channels.

    My LP-16 is update. I’m on Logic and OSX.
    Sometimes my MIDI files is very heavy (i see this on uTool 2), sometimes not. Sometimes it works but to late. I don’t understand anything.

    I have a gig in 3 days ! How should I do It ?
    Is there a special way to export a MIDI file for the LP-16 ?? Can you help me please ?



    Hi, Clement, I don’t see any tricky part in this. The basic concept is:
    1. Open DAW, add MIDI track e.g. for click
    2. put some notes in the track and assign virtual instrument (I use some bells in Halion SE), so you have all the song covered with click on every beat.
    3. Set export range from the start to the end of the track
    4. Add onother MIDI track, this will controll your pedalboard
    5. Make this track the very same length as the click track (all track should be the same length)
    6. Assign the MIDI channel of this track (according to your MIDI controller)
    7. Insert required MIDI messages (Program Change or CC) to desired locations
    8. export only a click track as sound file (audio mixdown – MONO)
    9. export only controlling MIDI track as MIDI file
    10. now in uTool create Multitrack song
    11. Apply click audio track to Track 1
    12. Apply controlling MIDI track to MIDI file below
    13. Connect MIDI out of LP16 to MIDI in of you switcher (don’t forget to set the same MIDI channel as in MIDI file) and enable MIDI recieve on your switcher
    14. Playback your song and your swicher should response to incoming MIDI messages along with playback of a click
    If you need to control more MIDI devices, you simply create several controling MIDI tracks in your DAW (every on a different channel), then all those MIDI controlling tracks export as a SINGLE MIDI FILE.
    I control DMX lights with Note/On messages, Fractal MFC with Program Change and MuteGroups of Behringer x32 with several CCs along with playback of 6 audio backtracks. All works great.

    Hope this will work for you.
    Richard, Czech Rep.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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