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    Braeden alter

    Okay, So this should be as fun one because I know a few people are doing this and I can’t find any useful information on this.

    I already have everything running perfectly regarding my backing tracks and program changes for axe fx units, now we are wanting a light show. Found a few people that I love their work but they say “set must be ran with backtracks on a computer in a DAW.”

    I get it, I know how light shows being programmed work but the point of the LP-16 was to eliminate all the computer non sense that goes wrong on the road.

    Onto the MIDI.

    To my understanding, the midi will retain all the CC and sysex info so I imagine once the programming is done, the midi channel will be set and then exported with the other program changes I already do.


    So do I need to daisy chain the midi into a dmx controller? Decabox? or do I 5 pin to 3 pin connector straight into the first light?

    Or do I need a lighting controller where I have to program and save my own scenes and program the midi to trigger all of the different scenes that I MYSELF create? This would suck considering I just want to hire soomeone who already does this for a living.

    This is where I get stuck. Can someone that’s doing this successfully chime in on what exactly I need to get and any specifics i need to be aware of?


    I use Widelight for dmx scenes live, trigged by LP16. Iv made a midfile for each backing track with program changes for song effect units, tc helicon, and widelight. In widelight there is very easy to make nice scenes. The just trigger the scene in the midifile and put that next to the audiofiles in utool. Very simple and stabile.

    Widelight is here…..

    Rohan Bertinat

    I’m kinda new to this all and looking at the capabilities before jumping in and getting one.
    Wouldn’t having the program changes and light FX changes in one midi file cause issues to either unit receiving midi?

    Marco Riva

    Wouldn’t having the program changes and light FX changes in one midi file cause issues to either unit receiving midi?

    No, but you would want each device on its own midi channel.
    The only issue is daisy chaining multiple midi devices as the signal becomes degraded. If sending out to more than a couple devices, you would want a midi thru splitter like the Midi Solutions Quadra Thru.

    Braeden alter

    That looks awesome! And I’m very disappointing there hasnt been more replies regarding lighting stuff like this. So it looks like my only option is to have a lighting controller where I program the scenes, and then the midi just triggers the specific scenes. This means I myself would have to build our light shows, vs having someone who already does this program a light show. Everyone is just using plugins and software that controls lights..

    Marc Greenwood

    Hi folks!

    Do you think this thing would do the job?


    I have been looking for some info and feedback in the net but found nothing…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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