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    emil axelsson

    Hi, so I have both the uTrack24 and the LP-16. and so far the “upgrade” to the uTrack24 has only been a headache! But I have trust in this forum!
    So, when I program midi changes in Logic Pro X I usually hook up my LP-16 via USB cable to my Mac. I Use it in interface mode, creating my midi tracks and test them immediately as my Kemper is hooked up through midi out from my LP-16. Now when I try this with the uTrack24, it won’t work. I Can assign the uTrack as Midi destination but it won’t change anything in my Kemper, if I just switch the cables to the LP-16 it works great, so the problem (if it is a problem, it may not work) is located to the uTrack.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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