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    Ray WindsorRay Windsor

    Hey folks,

    thinking about aquiring an LP-16. For controlling my lightshow I also need the MIDI feature. Now a maybe stupid question, but please explain me someone: How does the MIDI sync to the different speeds of the audio tracks. Also can it reliably play back different meters such as 3/4, 4/4, 6/8 etc.

    Does it somehow automatically adjust the MIDI speed or does it just “play along” the midi file at the same speed as the audio tracks.

    Dall LuhjcienDall Luhjcien

    It just play along the midi files synchronized with the audio tracks as you programmed them in your daw … you can also syncrhonize the midi file by hand by choosing positive or negative value of millisecond…. but that’s all.
    Oh, and it doesn’t control MIDI clock, unfortunately … this is so pathetic, but you can live without if you’re not using arpeggio, or controlling the tempo with an audio clic track (sub, 16th notes) to a CV input.§
    Correct me if I’m wrong

    Ray WindsorRay Windsor

    Hey Dall,

    thanks for the input. Meanwhile I have got my LP16, but as expected the MIDI file plays along well, but it’s not at the same timing. Every song has a different speed and therefore it is offset each time. Not sure if the LP plays back at 120 bpm for standard or something. Anybody can help?

    I want to control my lightshow but if it’s not sync it sucks…

    Libor KLibor K

    I buyed LP16 two days ago so I made just first test. I export all audio tracks
    from my DAW (Sonar) and MIDI file. LP16 unfortunately doesn’t send MIDI clock
    to MIDI out but I’m using Program change and Tap tempo (CC80) for
    controling T.C. Electronic G-Major. When I played MT song on LP16 everything
    looks correct.

    Morten LundeMorten Lunde

    Hi, Ray

    The tempo of the MIDI has to be 120bpm, which is the default tempo of the LP-16.

    Copy your files from your DAW project (in another tempo) and put them in a new project of 120bpm.
    Build your MIDI track in your new project and export to u-tool.
    Make sure all files start at the same location.

    Shawn BreezeShawn Breeze

    I think the manufacturer should add a tempo setting for each song.
    It’s very inconvenient to draw automation with a grid of 120 bpm when the tempo of the track is 135 bpm


    Unfortunaly I never got midi to work properly even with the latest software. This is because midi clock is not sent, resulting in an unsteady midi playback with hang-ups. But LP16 works fine as an audioplayer.

    But what going in at Cymatic Audio? No new products released and no futher updates for LP 16 since 2018?

    bill kelliherbill kelliher

    hi, just got the LP-16 and think its great, BUT i need to be able to scroll through the songs and trigger them on/off with the foot switch (working) but cannot figure out how to select the songs without going over to the unit and manually selecting, there must be a way to assign each song to a midi number and use a controller no?

    Dan LefflerDan Leffler

    Hello, did you get it to work that way? I am in the same predicament

    Andy PerkinsAndy Perkins

    I program the light scene changes in my DAW, along with the synchronized audio tracks, then dump it into the LP 16. Have not had any issues with timing but I am simply triggering scenes from a MIDI- equipped light controller. No fancy CC messages or anything. My MIDI tracks are various tempos, but I create them in reference/in sync with the audio tracks (most of which were created by MIDI but not all). I don’t know, technically, if the MIDI track “plays” at a standard tempo in the LP-16 but I have not noticed anything not working as expected. As long as everything lines up in the DAW, I have had no issues with everything working together. Don’t know if this helps, I am kind of new to the process as well.

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