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    So I have been at this all day. Trying to send note messages to my Chauvet Obey 40 to change the scenes via midi. I program it all in Reaper. I tried at both 120 bpm and later at 100 bpm after reading some posts. But the lp 16 just seems to randomly send messages when it feels like it. From reading it sounds like most people are having the same issues. Is Cymatic working to fix the midi issue or do I need to find another route to program my lighting? It will Change my drum module no problem on ch 10. I have my Chauvet on ch 2. I export the file to a type 0 file. Am I missing something?


    Hi, Shawn, to troubleshoot this thing just connect MIDI out to PC (with any MIDI-USB converter, I use Roland UM-ONE), play a song from LP-16 from USB memory and run MIDI-OX to see what messages you are actually sending. My wild guess is you are sending the wrong note. My LED commander uses for first scene note C0 but in my DAW I must transpose C0 note down by 24 semitones. Try trasposition if it works for you. Richard.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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