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    Adrian Tabacaru

    Hello everyone, I got my uTrack-24 and trying to set-up the MIDI in order to control Resolume, LightKey and Ableton software from uTrack to my computer.

    I exported at the same length an audio track and a midi track with Note-on/Note-off on different midi channels to communicate with Resolume on ch.1, Lightkey on ch.2, Ableton on ch.3

    Uploading with uTool, midi length shows correct as the session, hooked uTrack to my computer via MIDI-USB device and all I receive via MIDI comes on channel 1.

    I have tried exporting both MIDI Format 0 and 1 with the same behaviour.

    Monitoring the MIDI IN, if I long-hold the STOP Button, uTrack sends MIDI data on all channels.

    Can someone advise on how to export multichannel note-on/off midi track from Logic, Reaper or Pro-Tools?
    Thank you!

    Adrian Tabacaru

    So I have connected for the first time uTrack to computer via USB cable.
    Since then everything works perfect, midi-notes as separate midi channels.
    I even got the USB out and its still working.
    Can anyone explain why connecting and then removing the USB to computer made uTrack work properly and fixed all the issues with multiple channels playback?
    Strange 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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