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    My midi out is not working.
    I want to send Program Changes to the Kemper, but nothing happens.

    When I use my Fast Track interface connected to cubase, It switches the Kemper from within the DAW.
    In Interface mode when I use the utrack nothing happens. No midi output at all.

    I also tried using the same midi file that worked with the fast track in Cubase. I used utool to create a backing track and included the midi file then exported it to my formatted usb stick.
    I can see on the display that the utrack is trying to send the midi data, but there is no output

    So it must be the midi out, that is not working.
    I also double checked it with Midi OX, and there is no signal coming from the midi port at all.

    My firmware: 4046.

    What can I do?

    Is it a hardware problem?



    I have tested that midi file the uTrack24 sends out the program changes with no problem.
    Please do the following test:
    Connect the Kemper to the uTrack24 connect the USB drive wait for the song preload. Push and hold down the stop button, in this case the uTrack24 sends out panic reset. Do you receive this on Kemper?
    Next test:
    Connect the Midi output on the uTrack24 to your Fast Track interface. Connect the Fast track to your computer as midi receiver. Start the playback on the uTrack24 and record the event in Cubase. Do you receive the midi data?



    I have already tried both options.
    When I do the panic reset, nothing happens within the Kemper.

    Also tried to record the midi out of the utrack by using the fast track midi in and Cubase. Still nothing.

    I guess the midi out is not activated or it’s broken.


    Ok that’s sounds interesting.

    Does the device still under warranty? –> Please contact with the place where you bought your device.

    Sorry for the inconvenience


    Yes it still has warranty.

    Do they need to send you the utrack or can they just exchange it?

    It’s a two hour drive to the store.
    So any information would be nice.


    You need to talk with the place where you bought the device to know more details about their service and warranty conditions.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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