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    Gioel Stradiotto

    Hi everyone, I bought a 2nd unit of cymatic uTrack24 that I use for the playback of sequences and sending short midi files with program changes (at the start of every song) on stage for various purposes (guitar settings, keyboard settings and so on). The units has exactly the same Fw (the last) but the newest has the strange issue that sometimes (unfortunatly randomly) play the midi file (with program changes) in advance of the following song! just some seconds or even one minute in advance!
    Any suggestion?
    I’ve tried to contact the support, but i still got no answer about it

    Thanks in advance for everyone for help me!


    Hi Gioel,

    What is the firmware version on the uTrack24 of the 2 units?

    There is a midi offset parameter available in Menu->Playback->Multitrack Mode Options. Can you check that the parameter is same in both the cases. The midi offset determines how much the midi should be delayed/advanced before the start of the song.

    Gioel Stradiotto

    Midi offset is set to 0 msec

    With the 1st unit I never had those issue

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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