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    Hi there!
    Can the uTrack24 (and LP-16) receive midi commands for song selection?
    And..does the uTrack24 (and LP-16) have a remote control option (for song selection?)

    Me and my band use lot of backingtracks, but we do not play with fixed play (set) lists; we play every set random songs.
    So we need to be verry flexible.

    How can I quickly scroll through the songs? LP-16 / uTrack24
    Now we use an older midi/audio device with a an nummeric keypad for song select.


    Jeroen Schlaman

    No, both units can’t receive MIDI signals unfortunately. This has been requested by a lot of customers though.
    The only way to remotely control the units are via the uRemote app (uTrack24 only) or a footswitch. A footswitch just triggers the next song in a playlist.
    For uTrack24 the uRemote app would be usable so you’re able to select a song and play it (even without having a playlist selected).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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