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    Ian Hanratty

    Hey folks,

    Apologies if this has been answered previously but I can’t find it anywhere on the forum.. it may be my lack of understanding and not using keywords.

    I want to use my LP16 to play back tracks with my other hardware, Korg elctribe, Novation circuit and Korg monologue.

    I’ve got the LP 16 as the master with the midi out going into the midi in of my midi box and all my other hardware attached to the midi thru ports.

    I’ve bounced down my back tracks plus a midi track (done in cuebase elements 10) and converted in Utool.

    When I press play on the lp16 the track plays but none of my other hardware starts.. I can see the midi box is receiving midi data.. where am I going wrong!?

    Do I need to use midi CC to set a start? I’ve not got much experience with this!
    Before I added the LP16 I was using the novation as my master and everything else slaved to it and it worked fine and everything started.


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