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    I bought the LP-16 to completely avoid a pc during live shows.
    For my three person metal band, It will play backing tracks, click tracks, maybe other instruments ocassionaly, and control various effects through Midi. Really cool stuff.
    However, I don’t want 5-6 long cables sticking out the front and back of the LP-16 just to get it to work for my purpose. It’s just really inconvenient. I want to keep my rig clean and quick to set up.

    So I have an idea…

    I could mod it by installing a 25 pin port onto it. I would have to cut a hole on the chasis for the port, then, inside the device, connect the LP-16 inputs/outputs with wires to the 25 pin, soldering them where they connect with the circuit board. I am ok with soldering, so it shouldn’t be too hard?

    Here’s what I want to Input/output through the 25 pin:
    MIDI out, Power (12VDC), and the rest for as many Line outs as I can.

    Also, here’s the deal: When not using a computer, the headphones output of the LP-16 is completely useless in my case. It just outputs the mix of all line outs… If it was outputting the Line in signal, that would be FAR more useful.
    I could give it a purpose – I could send a headphones mix through the 25 pin right to the Headpones amp inside the LP-16. The LP-16 would be placed by the drummer during live shows, so he would be able to connect his IEM and get his stage mix, with a volume control. Would be really nice.

    Is anyone else crazy enough to think of such a mod? Anyone tried doing anything like this?
    Wondering, if I ever tried that, what problems would I be facing?… well apart from just “Don’t mess up when soldering”.

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