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    Hello! I’ve used the LR16 for some time for making live band recordings, but one thing that has always frustrated me is that it’s almost impossible to monitor what’s going onto the individual tracks whilst setting up, and the complete impossibility of playing back, say, a soundcheck straight afterwards (soloing and muting various tracks) so that level adjustments could be made before the gig. Essentially I can (just about) see if the levels are overloading, but apart from that I’m recording blind.

    I’m keen to move up to a uTrack 24 but wondered if this has a better system for checking and monitoring what’s going onto the hard drive before the event.

    Any advice gratefully received!



    Yes the uTrack24 has monitoring mode in pre-recording and recording mode as well.
    You can set levels, pan, solo, mute on each channels.
    Please find mode info here:
    pg: 16; 22-24

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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