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    A time ago i export some utracks-x32 to my external HD, in the “multitrack” folder.
    Like root multitrack/bandname/date/set1. This runs fine

    Now i want to re order, my directory structur
    Like root records/ bandnam…….

    When i do this wtih the move or the copy option in Windows,, it don’t run or opens the multitrack also some errors come up
    Like the extensions is now xxxx.wav instat set-1
    See also the photo….
    So is it possible to re order the directory Structur, by Windows or Utool

    Greetings Peter Visscher
    Sorry for my bad englisch, im from Holland


    Hi Peter,

    The easier thing what you could do, import the songs with uTool then create subfolders with the songs in the uTool then export the songs. In this case you can have the following folder structure on your drive: Multitrack/records/bandname.


    Hello Laszlo

    Just to inform you, to day i have the time to test your advice to move take’s with inport en export the file’s in Utool

    But before i try your advice, I test again in windows the cut and paste function.
    With the only different i keep the “MultiTrack” (your advice) folder as main, and i didn’t change the”Takexxx” folder name, i only make the subfolders
    And this works without any problem, so now te directory structure is like this.

    G:MultiTrackAll RecordsDutch TravelWapen Gortzakken 2016Set-1Take0009

    and the new record or take is in the main folder/root


    This is a faster way then import en export the file’s 🙂

    Greetings Peter visscher
    Sorry for my bad Englisch but i’m from Holland

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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