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    Brendan Ross

    So last night I experienced this glitch on maybe 10% of our songs and it’s very concerning… (sounds very unprofessional :blush: )
    I’ve tested it in playlist mode as well as normal mode and the same result occurs…
    At the end of a song the player will playback a random piece of audio from within the song...

    I’ve managed to find a song where it happens consistently and have attached it here but don’t know if it will upload?! (mp’3 is not in the list of accepted upload file extensions)

    Sam OY

    Please use uTool 1.0 and not use re-sampling function

    Brendan Ross

    Where can I download the 1.0 version?


    Hi Brendenovich,

    You should use the uTool version which can be downloaded from https://cymaticaudio.com/downloads
    The re-sampling function has been fixed and can be used with this version.

    Could you export your songs again using this version of uTool, and check if you the problem is resolved.

    Brendan Ross
    Participant is the very version I’m using and it is giving me the issue. I’d like to try rolling back to the previous version of utool

    I’m not using the re-sample function by the way… Sometimes my DAW (logic x) spits out wavs of very slightly different lengths and this causes the issue… I’ve now been re-importing the wavs back into reaper and re bouncing them in order to correct the issue – I’ts very time consuming and frustrating. I need utool to function properly.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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