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    So I’ve got the LP-16 and the Utool2. I’ve got all my MT songs all loaded up and working fine in Utool2. I then export on a brand new drive which has been formatted in the device, The songs play fine from the route directory as songs but the playlists say ‘ Song failed’ and once I’ve been in to the playlist to try and play it and it’s failed, go back to the songs directory and they then won’t play either. dismount and remount the hardrive to make those work again. I’ve seen a thread that the text doc might not be correct, but this is YOUR_SONG_NAME.
    I go into rehearsals for a theatre show on Friday morning and I have to say I’m not feeling confident about this machine at all.
    It was mentioned to me by a studio engineer as a viable option for playing back only 7 tracks.

    My audio files are all 48k / 24bit.
    All mono tracks except a stereo strings track which are in the Channel 1&2 slot.

    Please could you have a look at what the issue could be and report back.

    FYI the Firmware is 83934 which I believe to be the latest version.
    I attach the playlist text files for each act.

    thank you


    Hi Fairfield,

    Please create one song and playlist where you experiencing that problem and send me to the support_at_cymaticaudio_dot_com email address using dropbox etc I’ll take a look ASAP.
    Here’s what I need from you:
    The playlist from the #PLAYLISTS folder
    The song with they own folder and content (wav files and .set file)


    Thanks for your reply and sorry I’ve not got round to sending the stuff.
    I actually sorted it myself, but had to delete some random text that was always put in the file location line in the file line. This happens every time I export a playlist.

    I export it and all the file locations are written
    Twist &amp Shout Act 1/
    The file should be
    Twist & Shout Act 1/

    The word ‘amp’ appears at this location in every export I do.

    Most odd, but by deleting it and saving, it works perfectly.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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