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    Axel Luedecke

    I think I understand that the Playlist Export in uTool ONLY puts songs in the right sequence. But what can I do if I want to have not only the sequence different but also some muted tracks now unmuted? Example. I do have a Playlist with 20 songs. On all songs the Drum and Bass tracks are muted. This Playlist is called “Live” as we have all band members playing at the gig. Now I want to “clone” that playlist calling it new “rehearsal”, where I want to unmute the Drum track as an example. If I do now unmute Drums it also reference to the “Live” playlist as unmuted track.
    So how can I create different Playlists for different use (Live or rehearsal) by utilizing the same song an track material?



    Hi Axel,

    The only option I see here is to make new Multitrack song projects for the rehearsal tracks. As you have already seen, just cloning the playlist will not work. You need to clone the individual songs referenced in the playlist and mute the required tracks in the song.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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