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    robert beattie

    dont get me wrong, but the utrack 24 is a great device, but, it could be better. the main thing that would make this device better, is the ability to record, playback the recorded take and then record a second track, while playing back the first. in the same way the old portastudio’s worked. multichannel recording and playback for overdubbing.

    i don’t know what the technical side of things would entail, but, an idea. i know this is an ability in audio interface format, while connecting the utrack 24 to pc or mac, but it would make for a better day at the office, if the utrack and its audio interface capabilities, was, standalone.

    ok, my rant over. great thanks for cymatic for the device in the first place, in comparison to whats around, and the price, excellent job.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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